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How to swith back to classic menu in Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu is trying too hard to be like Mac – with Unity as the default system menu in version 11.04. I for one doesn’t like the change at all, especially I mainly use Ubuntu on my 10″ Acer netbook. The way how Unity works makes it very hard to keep track of windows/applications that are opened, applications that don’t come with a high-resolution icons looks very ugly on the dock.

Fortunately it’s not that complicated to switch back to the “classic” Unbutu menu (which I can say the best menu in the history of Ubuntu), here are the steps with screenshots:

1) Click on the Ubuntu icon on the top left corner, type “login screen” and click on the “Login Screen” application

2) You will see the following

3) Click unlock, enter password and the window should become the following, choose “Ubuntu Classic” from the dropdown menu, click Close

4) Log out current session and log back in and the classic menu should be back

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  1. September 6, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Thanks for your post, this is an easy, effective and quick way to return to ubuntu classic view.

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