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So long, MySQL

I’ve been playing around with PostgreSQL recently and I am total impressed by the features that PostgreSQL supports. I would like to point out the create domain statement (which confirms with SQL standard) that instantly makes me a MySQL betrayer: (from http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.4/interactive/sql-createdomain.html)

CREATE DOMAIN us_postal_code AS TEXT
   VALUE ~ '^\\d{5}$'
OR VALUE ~ '^\\d{5}-\\d{4}$'

CREATE TABLE us_snail_addy (
  address_id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY,
  street1 TEXT NOT NULL,
  street2 TEXT,
  street3 TEXT,
  postal us_postal_code NOT NULL

The main reason: Data validation is made easy and powerful. With MySQL, data validation relies heavily on the application that interacts with the tables.

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