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Sheevaplug + Debian 6 (Squeez) + node.js 0.6.13

1) Preparation

apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev curl
cd /tmp
wget http://nodejs.org/dist/v0.6.13/node-v0.6.13.tar.gz
tar xzf node-v0.6.13.tar.gz
cd node-v0.6.13

2) Edit file deps/v8/SConstruct as follows:

//line #80
  'gcc': {
    'all': {
      'CCFLAGS':      ['$DIALECTFLAGS', '$WARNINGFLAGS', '-march=armv5t', '-mfloat-abi=soft'],
      'CXXFLAGS':     ['-fno-rtti', '-fno-exceptions'],

//line #1081
  'armeabi': {
    'values': ['hard', 'softfp', 'soft'],
    'default': 'soft',
    'help': 'generate calling conventiont according to selected ARM EABI variant'

3) Compile & Install

make && make install

Step 3) will take about 40 minutes. If installation is successful, command node -v should print v0.6.13.

4) Download and install npm

curl http://npmjs.org/install.sh | sh
npm list -g
ln -s /usr/local/lib/node_modules ~/.node_modules

The ln command is optional but it’ll make require statements much easier.

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