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Installing git on Mac OS X Lion through Homebrew error fix

February 18, 2012 14 comments

I recently did a fresh 10.7.3 installation onto an i5 hackintosh and installed Xcode on it through the app store. Then I installed my favorite tool homebrew through this one-line command. Everything went well except when I tried to install git (actually any brew install command would fail regardless the package) through homebrew I got the following error:

Error: Failed executing: make prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/git/ CC=/Applications/ CFLAGS=-Os

A little digging shows that file /usr/bin/make is missing, further digging reveals that the new Xcode makes the command line tools one of the optional components so in order to use homebrew, the command line tools must be installed via Xcodes -> Preferences -> Downloads -> Command Line Tools -> Install. brew install package_name works like a charm again like it used to on 10.7.2 once command line tools is installed.

Screenshot (after Xcode Command Line Tools is installed):


[UPDATE 2/19/2012] Additional note on installing redis with homebrew:
brew install redis would fail, even with Command Line Tools component installed, for now you need to use option --llvm to install redis:
brew install redis --use-llvm
Solution is found through

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