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Sending message with attachements using Mail::Sender in Perl

September 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Due to the security setting of a network, not every server is allowed to send out email directly, that’s the reason why I wrote this script. The following Perl packages are required: Mail::Sender and Getopt::Long. Feature that would be nice to have but hasn’t been supported yet: smtp authentication. Therefore in order to be able to run this script, the external smtp server should add the ip of server where runs to the allow-to-send list, assuming the smtp server is not configured to be a open relay.


# purpose of this script is to address the followings:
# 1) support simple sending through external smtp server that doesn't require authentication
# 2) attach file(s) while sending message
# run the script without parameters will print the usage
# example usage:
# echo "message sent using" | perl -f sender@email.address -s "sending test" -a file1.txt -a info.log john@email.address,smith@email.address
use strict;
use warnings;
use Mail::Sender;
use Getopt::Long;

my $subject='[NO SUBJECT]';
my @attach=();
my $from=''; # change this
my $through='localhost';
my $help=0;

usage() if ( @ARGV < 1 or
    ! GetOptions(
    ) or $help );
sub usage
  print "Unknown option: @_\n" if ( @_ );
  print "usage: program [--subject|-s SUBJECT] [--from|-f FROM] [--through|-t SMTP] [--attach|-a FILE]  [--help|-h] recipient1@domain1[,recipient2@domain2...]\n";
  print "Suject will become [NO SUBJECT] if not provided.\n";
  print "Multiple --attach can be supplied to attach more than 1 file\n";

my $to=$ARGV[0];

# check if files exist
map {
    die("File $_ doesn't exist!\n") if ! -f $_;
} @attach;

my $msg='';
while(<STDIN>) {
if($msg eq '') {

my $sender=new Mail::Sender( {

$sender->OpenMultipart( {

$sender->SendFile( {
    description=>'Raw data File',
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