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Gnome Desktop: Where is the active wallpaper located?

December 26, 2009 1 comment

I have been a big fan of Gnome Desktop Environment due to its simplicity. But sometimes simplicity can lead to annoyance. For one, let’s look at the wallpaper dialog in GDE: suppose I spot a very interesting wallpaper on my friend’s PC and I would like to know where it’s located. I thought that’s easy: right-click on the desktop and choose Change Background, somewhere on the screen should tell you the full path of the wallpapers pool. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell you any information about all the wallpaper images, including the file paths. Interestingly enough, if want to add a new wallpaper to the pool, you click the Add button and browse to where the image file is located and click OK button (there exist other ways to add wall papers to the pool of course), meaning you know exactly where the wallpaper is located if you add one this way. But once you are done, unless you write down (or store it somewhere on your PC) about where the file is located, you lose track of the wallpapers completely.

Some of you might point out the locations of the wallpapers are all in the file ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml. True, all file locations are in there, but it won’t tell you which one is currently active. Plus, having to open that file (or something alike) in order to know the location of the wallpapers is a bit overkill for someone, say, absolute newbie. I understand that knowing exactly where the active wallpaper is located is not a common feature that everyone would ask for, but not providing a simple way to figure it out is indeed very annoying.

So far, I haven’t figure out a good solution to this problem.