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Gnome Desktop: Where is the active wallpaper located?

December 26, 2009 1 comment

I have been a big fan of Gnome Desktop Environment due to its simplicity. But sometimes simplicity can lead to annoyance. For one, let’s look at the wallpaper dialog in GDE: suppose I spot a very interesting wallpaper on my friend’s PC and I would like to know where it’s located. I thought that’s easy: right-click on the desktop and choose Change Background, somewhere on the screen should tell you the full path of the wallpapers pool. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell you any information about all the wallpaper images, including the file paths. Interestingly enough, if want to add a new wallpaper to the pool, you click the Add button and browse to where the image file is located and click OK button (there exist other ways to add wall papers to the pool of course), meaning you know exactly where the wallpaper is located if you add one this way. But once you are done, unless you write down (or store it somewhere on your PC) about where the file is located, you lose track of the wallpapers completely.

Some of you might point out the locations of the wallpapers are all in the file ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml. True, all file locations are in there, but it won’t tell you which one is currently active. Plus, having to open that file (or something alike) in order to know the location of the wallpapers is a bit overkill for someone, say, absolute newbie. I understand that knowing exactly where the active wallpaper is located is not a common feature that everyone would ask for, but not providing a simple way to figure it out is indeed very annoying.

So far, I haven’t figure out a good solution to this problem.

Gentoo on sheevaplug: Unknown HZ value! problem

July 5, 2009 1 comment

I was following the instruction from trying to put Gentoo onto my sheevaplug. Everything seems to be functioning except I couldn’t get the login prompt to appear through the usb-serial port, but I was able to ssh to the box though. The complete booting message reads

Press I to enter interactive boot mode

* Mounting proc at /proc ...                                             [ ok ]
* Mounting sysfs at /sys ...                                             [ ok ]
* Mounting /dev ...                                                      [ ok ]
* Starting udevd ...                                                     [ ok ]
* Populating /dev with existing devices through uevents ...              [ ok ]
* Waiting for uevents to be processed ...                                [ ok ]
* Mounting devpts at /dev/pts ...                                        [ ok ]
* Remounting root filesystem read-only ...                               [ ok ]
* Checking root filesystem .../dev/sda1: clean, 194291/1197168 files, 504877/4s
[ ok ]
* Remounting root filesystem read/write ...                              [ ok ]
* Checking all filesystems ...                                           [ ok ]
* Mounting local filesystems ...                                         [ ok ]
* Mounting USB device filesystem (usbfs) ...                             [ ok ]
* Activating (possible) swap ...                                         [ ok ]
* Your TIMEZONE in /etc/conf.d/clock is still set to Factory!
* Setting system clock using the hardware clock [UTC] ...                [ ok ]
* Configuring kernel parameters ...Unknown HZ value! (80) Assume 100.
[ ok ]
* Updating environment ...                                               [ ok ]
* Cleaning /var/lock, /var/run ...Unknown HZ value! (79) Assume 100.
[ ok ]
* Wiping /tmp directory ...                                              [ ok ]
* Device initiated services: udev-postmount
* Setting hostname to sheevaplug ...                                      [ ok ]
* Loading key mappings ...                                               [ ok ]
* Setting terminal encoding to UTF-8 ...                                 [ ok ]
* Setting user font ...                                                  [ ok ]
* Starting lo
*   Bringing up lo
[ ok ]
*   Adding routes
* ...                                                    [ ok ]
* Starting eth0
*   Bringing up eth0
[ ok ]
*   Adding routes
*     default via ...                                         [ ok ]
* Initializing random number generator ...                               [ ok ]
Unknown HZ value! (85) Assume 100.
INIT: Entering runlevel: 3
* Starting syslog-ng ...                                                 [ ok ]
* Mounting network filesystems ...                                       [ ok ]
* Starting sshd ...                                                      [ ok ]
* Starting vixie-cron ...                                                [ ok ]
* Starting local ...                                                     [ ok ]
Unknown HZ value! (86) Assume 100.

[ System is ready at this point, but the login prompt just can't show up; I am able to ssh to the box though. ]

I haven’t found any solution (tried re-installing procps as suggested by some posts but it didn’t help) yet to this problem. I also tried the vinilla-sources- kernel, but the problem remains the same. Maybe it’s time to file a bug report with Gentoo.

Edit [ July 6th, 2009 ]:
Today I solved half of the problem, the reason why I couldn’t get a login prompt through the serial port is line #39 in /etc/inittab

s0:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 9600 ttyS0 vt100

After change that line to

s0:12345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 115200 ttyS0 vt100

I finally had the login prompt appear as it should.

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