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My take on rounded corners in web development

April 10, 2011 1 comment

I am not a big fan of rounded corners, when it comes to web development. Yes I know a few ways of making rounded corners ( using 4 corner images and nest in a way that makes the whole div look like a rounded corner box; using a javascript way that doesn’t require images; using a whole image that suites situations when scaling is not required ) but none of the approaches provides a neat and sounding solution and my take  on rounded corners is very simple — avoid them if you don’t have to use them. [ I will be using rounded corners again when css3 are supported in all major web browsers as making rounded corners only requires one line of css code. ]

I have to agree that rounded corners make sites look smoother but let’s not forget there are sites that don’t use rounded corners at all and I haven’t heard anyone saying their sites suck because of the lack of rounded corners. Take a look at the following sites:

In my opinion, making rounded corners to appear the same on all browsers ( yes compatibility issue again ) takes  away too much precious time and effort which can be used to improve functionality of a site, and it also introduces extra complexity and unnecessary div, css, js code.